Our mission is to bring awareness to the public about the risks of addiction and fatalities, due to the abuse of prescription drugs.
We want to change the perception that experimenting with prescription drugs for recreational purposes is safer than the use of illicit drugs. 
We hope to educate the community to safeguard their homes when prescription drugs are around.
Our focus is to reach out to people in the community to share our personal stories, utilize prevention education through science based facts, and provide a supportive role to those people whose lives have been affected by the abuse or misuse of prescription drugs. 

Learn more about our FREE Community Event, HOPE, May 5th at Pepperell Town Field

       As a resource to our community:

  • We share personal stories

  • We promote prevention education through science-based facts

  • We provide support to those whose lives have been affected by the abuse or misuse of prescription drugs
Taking the stigma out of
drug dependency.
Stigma is the number one barrier to seeking treatment. Find out why and
learn what you can do to end stigma.

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