NARCAN availability

There are two ways to access a naloxone rescue kit from a pharmacy:

1.  Obtain a prescription from your prescriber and take it to a pharmacy that stocks naloxone. Many pharmacies are able to fill naloxone prescriptions or can order what they need.

2.  Go directly to a pharmacy with a naloxone standing order and request a naloxone kit. For pharmacies with naloxone standing orders, a prescription is not needed.

Narcan is available under a standing order locally at:

            Pepperell Family Pharmacy

            Tyngsboro Family Pharmacy

            McNabb Family Pharmacy

            Rite Aid – Pepperell and Townsend locations

Drop Boxes: unused medications

All drop boxes are located at Police Stations. No-risk drop offs can be made at any time.


Brookline, NH


Hollis, NH


– Pepperell



Please note that needles and other sharps are not accepted. Call your local Board of Health for disposal of sharps.

Thank you!
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