What it was like: 14 years of humiliation, degradation, loneliness and sadness –broken promises and shattered dreams. 


What happened: A strong desire is born. A decision is made. A commitment is instituted. 


What it is like now: Reconnection with myself, my family and my God. 


What I learned: God doesn’t make junk. 


What I do: Help others whenever possible. To the world, I am only one person,but to one person, I could be the world. 


How I feel: So very grateful for 30 years clean of any mind altering substance.

                                               ~ Steve

I used drugs of different types until I got sober in 2013. Sadly, my brother did not win the battle but remains as always very close to all of our hearts. 


I have remained sober through all the loss and hardships life has given me to handle since. I reached 3 years of sobriety this past Thanksgiving. One for the records, that I can say I am truly thankful for, is to be with everyone that I truly cherish and love. 

“There is no person walking on this Earth who demonstrates more courage, dignity, honesty and integrity on a daily occurrence than an addict in recovery.” 


                                        ~ Pete

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